At Littelfuse, we focus on what we do best- developing and manufacturing devices that protect electronic circuits and applications from harm caused by overcurrent and overvoltage events. It's this focus that has enabled us to consistently lead the industry in innovative, high-quality circuit protection solutions.

Today, we offer the broadest line of circuit protection products in the world for both overcurrent and overvoltage applications. As the leading global provider of circuit protection devices for the automotive industry and the third largest producer of power fuses in North America, we deliver the innovation, expertise, quality and service you would expect from an industry leader.


As the world's leader in circuit protection, Littelfuse's acquisition of the TeccorR brand greatly contributes to the company's commitment to offer innovative solutions within a broad, yet deep circuit protection portfolio. The addition of Teccor significantly enhances Littelfuse's line of overvoltage solutions while also adding a complementary line of switching thyristors, giving cutomers a wider range of solutions to design into their industrial electronic, consumer electronic and telecom applications.

Teccor is the most recognized brand in telecom overvoltage circuit protection, with products that are renowned for high quality and high reliability. With the aid of patented technology and superior silicon designs, Teccor SIDACtorR and BattraxR devices can withstand high surge currents making them the most durable protection thyristors on the market today.


Concord Semiconductor further expands Littelfuse's ISO and TS qualified manufacturing operations in Asia, adding superior TVS diode manufacturing capabilities to the world's leading provider of circuit protection solutions.

Concord adds depth to Littelfuse's existing TVS diode portfolio, bringing with it expanded testing, design and development experience and expertise to anticipate the needs of our customers. So no matter what your application, you can be confident that Littelfuse has the answer.

The addition of Concord Semiconductor to the Littelfuse family demonstrates Littelfuse's dedication to providing customers with the broadest and deepest circuit protection offering, and reinforces Littelfuse's position as the global leader in circuit protection.



Recognized throughout the world, the Wickmann product line brings exceptional quality and uncompromising performance to the Littelfuse circuit protection portfolio. Combined, Littelfuse and Wickmann represent over 150 years of circuit protection experience, offering the world’s most comprehensive fusing expertise and the most advanced R&D capabilities.

As customers search for ways to improve efficiency and performance, Littelfuse answers with Wickmann product line innovations such as the TR5R and TE5R fuse styles. Robust and economical, these products are able to withstand wave soldering and board washing processes, resulting in low installation costs. These are the types of innovative solutions customers can expect from the Wickmann product line - all backed by Littelfuse's global support, streamlined distribution network and superior service.


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